The above photos are used by kind permission of the Chellaston History Group

Chellaston Brickworks Local Nature Reserve has a very long and varied history, it has not always been the green and tranquil place you see today.

From the 13th century Alabaster was quarried in this area of Chellaston, and stonemasons used this highly valued stone to create many fine monuments and tombs, which can be found in churches and cathedrals around the world.

During the 19th century a brick & tile factory occupied the site but by 1978 deposits of clay had been exhausted and the land was acquired for use as a landfill site. In 1986 landfill was complete and the area was capped and planted with a variety of shrubs and trees. Over the following 20 years the site was left for nature to reclaim until 2002 when the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust commissioned a Management plan to cover the area. The site was subsequently designated as a Local Nature Reserve and the Friends of Chellaston Brickworks LNR were formed.

The total area covered by the reserve is 29 acres with three main habitats. Mature woodland to the west of the site, tall grasses and non native trees on the area which was formerly used as landfill and an area of grassland which is rare in Derby