If you walk around the reserve you will come across areas where the footpaths and steps have been improved and also areas where more work is needed.

Work on the access via Woodlands Lane has been improved over time and conditions are certainly much better during wet weather. Other areas have been highlighted for work over the coming years and this upgrade will continue whilst there are Section 106 monies available.

The reserve has been awarded a sum of money from Section 106 funds to improve the footpaths and steps around the reserve. Section 106 money is an amount which developers pay to the local councils, this money can be allocated to projects which the Council feels will benefit the local community. The footpath improvement work is undertaken by the Derby Parks Volunteers and the Friends group. The DPV are a small group of dedicated volunteers who work two days a week in parks and nature reserves throughout Derby. They undertake projects which are too onerous or specialised for the Friends group.
Over time work has been undertaken to install two lengths of boardwalk, and to improve paths and some of the many sets of steps around the reserve.

This programme of improvements is an ongoing project and work will continue when manpower and funds allow.