Habitat creation is always a vital part of any nature reserve and we were fortunate in having The 103rd Derby (Chellaston) Scout group create two impressive Bug Hotels on our reserve. A group of Scouts, their leaders and parents came along one Saturday morning to construct these wonderful habitat shelters. All the materials were donated and the boys made a great job of putting them to good use. There was no master plan other than to ensure that the structures were sturdy and solidly built and as you can see from the photographs the outcome was two very individual dwellings. The insects and small mammals who took up residence, could choose between an ‘Eco Lodge’ type dwelling and an exclusive ‘High Rise apartment block’.

Thanks to everyone who took part or supplied materials including Redrow Homes, the Scout group and members of the Friends group. Sadly however, 18 months after being built the bug hotels were destroyed by fire. Everyone was upset by this mindless act but very soon afterwards the Scouts built two new bug hotels in a much more secluded spot and these continue to provide great habitat for many types of insects and small mammals. Since then a third bug hotel has been installed.