Task Sessions

The tasks the volunteers carry out on the nature reserve are split into two sections. From September until March we carry out annual maintenance work in various grassland areas. This involves clearing scrub, grass cutting and raking and is carried out to try and maintain the open areas on the reserve.

Our aim in keeping certain areas clear is to encourage wildflowers, which in turn, provide valuable habitats for wildlife, i.e. insects, butterflies etc. In a surprisingly short space time the scrub can take over a glade, so it is vital that this work is carried out on an annual basis. By cutting and raking grassland it provides wildflowers with the habitat they need to germinate and flourish.

The summer months provide the perfect time for us to do maintenance work in the Community Orchard. Keeping the base of the fruit trees clear of grass and weeds helps them to get as much moisture as possible. During late summer the grass around all the tree is cut either by DCC grounds maintenance department or volunteers.

Task sessions usually take place on the first Wednesday of each month, start at 10am and last for about two hours. If the weather is particularly bad then they may be reorganised for a better day.


The AGM is usually held at the Crossbar at Chellaston park.

Volunteers Hard at Work
Volunteers Having a Well Earned Cuppa
Planters by the Aston Lane gates.